Turtle Bug

As a child I got into a game called “slug bug”, it was the only real car game I became a huge fan of.  If we saw a VW Beetle we would hit the person next to us and say ‘slug bug “color”, no slug back’.  I grew up loving VWs, we had VW vans and both my mom and dad had owned bugs when they were younger.  This made it so a VW beetle was my dream car, it was one of the few cars I could tell apart from all the other cars on the road.  I was disappointed when the first car I had was not a bug, then I got my dad’s van.  When I moved onto the next car I finally got my dream car, a VW Beetle 2000.  This is the Turtle Bug and here’s it’s story.

Close Call : Hit & Run

Life has an adventure around every corner and sometimes you can be pulled into a scene that feels like it was in a movie.  A few years ago, I had a close call while driving down an expressway I use everyday.  I just picked up a friend, Eclipse, to come over for the weekend.