Saving a Life

Life is all around us.  Sometimes people don’t realize how important life is with every creature. So when something is in need of help it, can be overlooked.  I know not everyone can save everything, but if you see something in need, be it human or animal, would you take a moment of your time to help?  I’ve done so often for animals, big and small.  If I see something where I can take some sort of action to make a difference right then and there, I will do so.

Close Call : Hit & Run

Life has an adventure around every corner and sometimes you can be pulled into a scene that feels like it was in a movie.  A few years ago, I had a close call while driving down an expressway I use everyday.  I just picked up a friend, Eclipse, to come over for the weekend.

History of being Bullied

Growing up with bullies was never an easy thing.  Though there was one thing that I realized at a very young age, I never wanted to hurt any of these bullies.  Yes, they did hurt me a lot.  Though it wasn’t in my nature to think of hurting them back.  I just wanted the fights to end.

A tale of long ago

Bullies. A thing that is everywhere you go, even the internet has them, they’re known as trolls.  Everyone has their own stories of these people who pick fights just for fun, or to try and be the cool one.  Though in reality, it’s their own way of expressing how much they hate themselves.  They take their feeling and lash it onto others thinking it will make them feel better.  I have a lot of stories from my past of bullies and I’ll like to share one with you all today.