Royal Oak

Ferndale Flood 2014: Day One

Last week I shared the write up about what my family is going through.  Now I want to share the video.  I have been doing video everyday of the damage and work done.  Just to show what is really going on here.  This is NOT how our Basement normally looks, the mess seen in this video is caused by stuff falling over and floating in water.  We normally have plenty of space to walk around down there and even work space.  This mess is bad, check out the video.

Saving a Life

Life is all around us.  Sometimes people don’t realize how important life is with every creature. So when something is in need of help it, can be overlooked.  I know not everyone can save everything, but if you see something in need, be it human or animal, would you take a moment of your time to help?  I’ve done so often for animals, big and small.  If I see something where I can take some sort of action to make a difference right then and there, I will do so.

Review: Killer B's

The first Thursday of every month a people gather at the Main Arts Theater in Royal Oak, Michigan for an event that gets everyone to howl.  This event is called “The Killer B's” where Wolfman Mac from Chiller Drive-In and his crew host a really bad movie and get to mingle with the fans who show up.  Every time I’m in town for this event, I make sure to attend, for the laughter, the boos, and hitting a beach ball around.