The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 25

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Part 25

"Hi, Don." I say as I turn to see him.

"Leo, you're here early. Lets go back to the house and rest for a bit."

The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 17

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Part 17

Once I catch up with Raphael and Ninjara, there’s only one thing left on my mind. Master Splinter. Where is he? Is he really dead?

The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 16

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Part 16,
I awake the next morning. The dust in my room really turned me off. I’m upset that I let my room fall to this bad at being dirty, but it wasn't my fault and I have to get that through my mind. I clean my room a little bit before getting ready to leave. I go into the kitchen to make some food, and look at the time.  It was 3:30am. I want to get out by 4:30, so I eat a fast breakfast then walk over to Mikey's room.

The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 6

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Part 6

"The Shape of a Turtle" Chapter 4

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Part 4

As time went by, Terror eventually did come to my room to see why I never left it. At this time, I was use to the room and treated it like a cage. I knew if I left Terror would put me to work doing evil and that was one thing I could never do.

"The Shape of A Turtle" Chapter 2

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Part 2

The pain from the blades were something that I didn't know about and I wasn't going to take time to think about it right now. I have to save these people from the Ws, even though at this time I am a W.

Intro to "The Shape of a Turtle"

Hey everyone, coming soon to Cowabunga Corner is a fanfic I wrote back when I was still in High School, 1996 through 1997. I mainly wrote this throughout the day at school and copying it onto the computer when I got home. What gave me the idea of doing this story was making a fanfic that would crossover with some characters that I created back in 1991, "The Shapers".