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Cowabunga Corner 118: TMNT 1 Movie Trading Cards Review

In this episode, I review the trading cards from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. 
With this episode, we'll be taking a break and will return this December with more interviews, reviews, and other awesome ninja turtle history!
Host: Michele Ivey

Free Autographed TMNT Card

Because I am going to Comic Con, and will be traveling a lot during this part of the contest, I'm going to give this a little longer time for people to jump in. Ending date to enter is Sunday July 28, 2013 by 9pm Eastern. One winner can either be from Twitter or Facebook. This is card 22 of the TMNT II Secret of the Ooze trading cards from 1991. It is signed by Adam Carl the voice of Donatello in TMNT II and Kevin Eastman. Good luck to who ever is the winner.

Enter the contest by commenting on the Facebook status linked here

Review: Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Rhode Island

Everyone now and then, there are different events that I go too because of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle connections.  On October 21st, I went to a Yu-Gi-Oh event in Rhode Island.  I went this event to support Dan Green, a voice actor who've gone through a rough time last year when he lost his wife.  Some of the voice actors from Yu-Gi-Oh got together to do this event to help raise money to help Dan, and this was not an event I could miss out on.  The biggest surprise about this event was that the panels and autograph sessions were free to the public, only asking for donations to help Dan.