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I have been a major TMNT fan since 2003. I was introduced to the franchise through the 4Kids series. Even though this is the series that introduced me to the turtles I have also seen most seasons of the 1987 cartoon, seen all the movies (I have only seen the 2007 one in theatres), read some of the mirage and Archie comics and I am have been keeping up with the IDW comics as well as the Nick Cartoon. I have dozens of TMNT action figures such as some of the classic figures (got to love the squishy heads), movie star Michelangelo and Shredder, Next Mutation Mikey, the 2003 series turtles, the TMNT 2007 movie figures, Neca Leonardo (awesome figure, wish I had the rest!) and of course most of the 2012-present turtles, which are awesome! Oh and by the way, Michelangelo is my favorite turtle. COWABUNGA!!! (Or Booyakasha!!!)


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